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[first reported by Ninjataki] List of Aion communities that focus around VGGTS: Giantess Roleplay (sent by Jake) - Made by: Electronic Arts, Spicy Horse, and American Mc Gee Platform(s): Play Station 3, Xbox 360, and PC - After running away from an oversized monster, Alice eventually runs up to a cake inviting her to EAT ME.After taking a piece, Alice grows to a giant size and crushes the monster to a bloody pulp.You fight her normally until she is drained to two-thirds of her life.From there, lightning strikes her and causes her to grow to giantess size.(I believe there is a female bandit boss in the Wild Lands I've run into once or twice).There are also a few notable ones I've run across in instances.The second is Chief Toirdelbach from Toirdelbach's Tomb (group instance for level ~60).And lastly there is a giant female statue you need to fight at the end of the Treasury of the Ancients (solo instance for level ~40).

As Gaia, players can utilize an undergrowth that grows around all of Gaia's buildings, granting them defensive advantages.Simply double-click the downloaded file to install it.Update Star Free and Update Star Premium come with the same installer.The first is Princess Akivasha from Sanctum of the Burning Souls (group instance for level ~40).She is roughly just under double the normal player's height.

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Afterwards, giant Alice can punch and stomp the enemy soldiers and destroy a little bit of the environment.

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